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Dear friends, 


I know we have been watching the news and trying to figure out the best way to respond to the COVID-19 virus.  After all of the information presented, social distancing is the best tool we have right now to help slow the spread of the virus. Giving this information I am going to be closing up shop for the next 2 weeks and reopening April 1st at the earliest. After 2 weeks I will re-evaluate what our local health officials are saying on a daily basis and open up as soon as possible. If you have appointments scheduled with me I will be contacting you soon with instructions. 


I will be offering online consultations for those who need immediate help with massage techniques or relaxation techniques to combat stress and anxiety or any other questions you may have.  You can reach me at www.spiralhealingarts@gmail.com or 360-358-3205 and we can set up a consultation. 


Some things you can do to help the community and the people you care for are to call them, skype them, Facebook video chats and stay connected. Check on your family, friends, neighbors to see if they are in need. Some may not be able to leave their homes for some time and they will need help.  We can all pull together and help each other succeed and get through this tough time. I will have a few sites that I personally use to help support community wellness. Some are funny, others are serious but the information is sound and helpful. 


Thank you for your support that you have provided me over the last three years. It is why I am able to further my education, help the community with herbal wellness classes, and provide massage and wellness support to all of you at such a low cost. 


Stay Positive we will all come through this event stronger and build a better community. 



Deanna Hanson 


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