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Empowering You to Heal 

When we live life to its fullest, it is not uncommon for imbalances to occur. My greatest passion is using Chinese Medicine, therapeutic approaches, and herbal education to empower you to increase your wellness holistically.


No single approach to healing is suitable for every individual, which is why I have spent many years learning various holistic healthcare techniques. I specialize in acupuncture, East Asian Medicine, and massage.

Through years of rigorous study, I have achieved a Masters level Diploma in Acupuncture from Middle Way Acupuncture Institute and am board-certified through NACCOM. I have received a Masters in Education from the University of Phoenix, a Massage credential from the Northwest School for the Healing Arts, a Diploma from Herbal Studies from the School of Western Herbalism in Portland, a diploma from the Center of Excellence in Aromatherapy, and a ten year 1:1 apprenticeship in Western Herbalism and Wildcrafting from Cedar Mountain Herbal School. 

My Philosophy


I follow a simple philosophy of serving my clients with a customized holistic and therapeutic approach that lasts.  I believe having a soothing atmosphere will invigorate the mind and body just as much as the right type of therapeutic approach. Also, I am passionate about sharing my years of knowledge and experience with the many holistic modalities to empower you to make educated choices about your health in order to feel your best.  

T. 360-358-3205

F. 888-494-3026

Deanna Hanson LAc 
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