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We will go over your health history, concerns and aspirations. Exam will include classical tongue and pulse diagnosis. Your treatment will include acupuncture and Eastern Medicine modalities. We will briefly discuss initial findings and design a plan for care. Acupuncture involves the insertion of very thin needles through your skin at strategic points on your body is most commonly used to treat pain and stress. 
Massage therapy is the practice of kneading or manipulating a person's muscles and other soft-tissue in order to improve their wellbeing or health. It is a form of manual therapy that includes holding, moving, and applying pressure to the muscles, tendons, ligaments and fascia.
Medical Massage
Medical massage is an outcome-based massage, primarily applying a specific treatment to the particular problem the patient presents with a diagnosis. It is administered after a thorough assessment/evaluation by the medical massage therapist, with particular outcomes being the basis for treatment. This is done by a case per case basis and is determined by a  referral from a licensed doctor. 
Community Clinic
Community acupuncture is the practice of treating patients together in a large room. This differs from traditional acupuncture where treatment is administered in a private room setting. This service will be offered to the community at a sliding scale one time per week. Coming Soon!
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